A Kick-Off of Sorts

Welcome to Legion Studios

We are a co-op of visual effects professionals that have come together to provide a better caliber of work at a more cost effective price point.

We will be offering training and tutorials for up and coming artists, as well as workshops for producers and show runners to better understand the process of visual effects and how it can be best used in your production. Giving productions the edge when dealing with vfx facilities, whether it is Legion or someone else, knowing the lingo and the process will get you much more bang for your buck.

This model offers significant advantages over the traditional vfx studio model. While we can offer the studio experience with a central office, the goal is for artists to work remotely and communicate in real time. Allowing top notch talent to work on projects in the spare cycles offers flexibility and affordability.

What we offer are senior artists, senior producers and senior coordinators, all working to provide the kind of quality and efficiency that makes your project look great and come in on budget.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be posting a reel of the kind of work that we produce. We will have a bid page with the type of work available and what you could expect a bid to look like from Legion.

Contact us using the form below.

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