The new wave of worldwide VFX

A studio like few others

It’s no secret that the VFX industry has received its fair share of public attention in recent years, its foundations shaken by internal discord and turmoil that has gradually bubbled to the surface.

Studio closures, redundancies, and reports of unreasonable business practices has tarnished what is otherwise an incredibly creative, inventive and innovative industry – one bursting at the seams with raw artistic talent.

While it can sometimes feel like real solutions are held at bay by the industry’s massive, unyielding infrastructure, there are some post-production studios that are finding ways to buck the trend and operate completely outside of the set-ups that have come to be regarded as the norm.

One such studio is VFX Legion, a division of Legion Studios, LLC – a studio that’s trying something new.

Founded by VFX supervisor James Hattin and a team of like-minded individuals, Legion is a ‘studio’ like few others. While its HQ rests against the mountainous backdrop of Burbank, California, Legion’s collective of 50 artists are distributed across the globe, contributing to each new project from wherever they may be in the world. Here, creativity and collaboration does not take place over desks, but over vast expanses of continent and ocean; a truly digital workspace replacing a physical one.

And it’s not just new technology that has allowed for this breakthrough in remote collaborative workflows. It’s Legion’s profound passion for bringing the power back to that one core element that remains unchanging and unflinching in an industry otherwise in constant flux – the artist.

“What we’re doing at Legion is empowering a new way of working for those on the frontlines of the creative industry,” says Hattin. “There’s no reason why, in the next five years, what we’re doing won’t be the standard. It makes sense on so many levels – it’s just the way things are going.”