3D World: Can GoPro VFX films succeed

Our team at VFX Legion are thrilled to see our work on Hardcore Henry featured in 3D World magazine.

Check out the below excerpt from the magazine and then pop over to the 3D World website to find out where you can purchase your own copy and read the full article!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 17.39.56


VFX Legion used Maya, Redshift, and 3D Equalizer for tracking and After Effects. When asked for a standout sequence, James is Clear: “The brothel. It was one of the first scenes we were able to get done and it was just this epic fast-paced run through a brothel.”

“Insanity,” exclaims Christopher when we ask the VFX Legion’s VFX producer about his experience of using a GoPro for VFX filmmaking. The trouble with distortion and resolution only added to the problems caused by using innovative headcam setup.


Pro Video Coalition: Redshift and the law of Moore

We are really excited to be featured alongside Redshift in Pro Video Coalition’s article on GPU vs CPU.

Read an excerpt below, followed by a link to the full article!


The way you’ve been thinking about building and upgrading your digital video workstation is about to change radically. At least it may by the time you’ve finished reading this article.

If you’ve been in the film and video industries for a while you may have noticed something strange happened around 2010-2011: your workstation stopped creaking. Right around that time the compute power and bandwidth of a well-equipped system became sufficient for the great majority of computing tasks based around 2K formats.

A lot of us didn’t really notice it at the time; the signs of the change came about two or three years later. You see, as an industry living on the edge of compute power, we were used to our systems feeling obsolete every 18 months. But with those 2011 workstations, time stretched on and new purchase orders never got placed. There was no driving need. For the most part performance was good enough. Maybe not as good as it could be, but good enough to continue to work efficiently.

Which brings us to today. Is Moore’s Law broken? Intel will tell you that it has, but I disagree. The phenomenon of mushrooming growth has just shifted. Shifted to the GPU.