Action VFX: Interview with Legion’s Kyle Spiker

Our lead compositor, Kyle Spiker, has been interviewed on Action VFX!

He chatted about using ActionVFX in his most recent work, including How to Get Away with Murder and Legends of Tomorrow. Read an excerpt of the interview below, and follow the link at the end of this post for the full story.


We had the chance to interview Kyle Spiker, Lead Compositor from VFX Legion that has used ActionVFX in his most recent work on two popular television shows, How to Get Away with Murder and Legends of Tomorrow.

Tell us about your work on Legends of Tomorrow and How to get Away with Murder.

Right when your Muzzle Flash Collection came out, we used it for some gunfire shots inside of Legends of Tomorrow. Having full range in the Muzzle Flash images is fantastic! Usually it’s just a clipped flat still.

On How to Get Away with Murder, we were in charge of anything fire related throughout the entire series, which is where we made use of your Ground Fire and Structure Fire Collections. My favorite shot of the series is a pan up to the main character and from there to the burning house, with the fire gradually getting bigger and bigger.

How was your experience with using ActionVFX assets inside of your workflow?

I first found out about you because of the free products on your website. Since I was in charge of all of the house fire scenes for the previous season of How to Get Away with Murder, I decided to pick up the Structure Fire Collection.

I built a huge matte painting with tons of layers that fit a scene from the show and then went back to the website to grab your Atmospheric Smoke & Fog Collection, as well as the free Smoke Plumes.

What motivates and inspires you and your team to create?

I’m personally driven to find interesting solutions to creative problems.  I’m constantly looking for the best approach and modifying my technique as I go.  Compositing and visual effects in general seems to fit how my brain works.

I love Sci-Fi. There’s a vast library of great work to pull from and right now some of the best is being made.  My current watch list includes Legion (not just because of the name) and The Expanse.  Very interesting stories and some solid work.

If it has energy effects, holograms, space ships, future UI, mechs – I love all of that.