VFX Legion blows up the model with Media Shuttle

VFX Legion initially selected an accelerated file transfer solution from one of Signiant’s competitors that offered the promise of solving this challenge of speed, and avoiding (or at least mitigating) most of these other concerns. For a while life was good. But problems emerged as the business grew, more remote artists were added, and the volume of work, almost always under tight deadlines, increased. The accelerated file transfer solution just wasn’t scaling well with their needs.

Artists were complaining about their file transfers not using all the available bandwidth. An enhanced product, designed to improve collaboration, took nine months to get working, caused frequent server crashes without warning, and resulted in many of the artists losing confidence in the system and electing to not use it at all. And the overall solution was becoming prohibitively expensive as the business expanded.


By late 2016 VFX Legion knew they needed a better file transfer solution, one that not only provided the speed and security they needed, but that also was more reliable, easier to deploy and support, simpler to use, and that offered a far more economical pricing model that scaled better with their business.

In December 2016, when most of the shows they work on where on hiatus, VFX Legion, on the recommendation of a colleague, and after researching alternative options, set up a trial of Media Shuttle, Signiant’s industry-leading cloud-native SaaS solution for accelerated person-initiated file sending and sharing. After just a couple of days of testing, the company was sold on the solution, which was fully set up and configured within a single day. Rolling Media Shuttle out to their globally distributed artists was just as easy, as Andrew Turner explains:

“Compared to our previous system, Media Shuttle was a lot easier for people to grasp and understand. They didn’t have to worry about installing additional hardware or software. It just worked without headaches, which was great! ”

Read on to find out why we made the switch to Media Shuttle