Outlook 2018: The rise of Netflix

The rise of Netflix has posed and interesting challenge to the post industry. On the one hand, direct streaming funnelled into every viewer’s house means an increased need for post work across the globe; even so in the LA area, where tax incentives are not so readily available. The veritable content machines such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and HBO and now producing more entertainment than ever before, pouring more cash into ever more impressive projects.

Of course, much of that entertainment requires vast amounts of visual effects resources. This all presents a different landscape to that of five or six years ago; a time when television work existed but not to the extent that it does today, and aspirations to cinema-level quality were perhaps not as pronounced.

Today, quantity is higher, quality expectations are rising, and processes must align to this new status quo. Scalable companies that are well placed to expand and contract as needs change are the ones that will find themselves successful in 2018.

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