In the news: Shattering expectations for surprise Power Rangers teaser

VFX Legion has been pooling its resources for yet another project with a super speedy turnaround. Transcending dimensions and galaxies, this latest piece of work puts us slap-bang into the exciting world of the Power Rangers.

As well as being a huge hit on both big and small screens, the blue, black, red, yellow, green and pink power rangers have also seen great success in comic books. And, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise, comic publisher BOOM! Studios has launched Shattered Grid.

The Shattered Grid storyline will be told in upcoming issues of BOOM!’s two ongoing comic series, Kyle Higgins’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Ryan Parrot’s Go Go Power Rangers, beginning in issue #25 of Mighty Morphin, available 28th March.

Animation Boss

“James David Hattin, creative director, senior visual effects supervisor and founder of VFX Legion, helmed Legion’s team of managers, supervisors, compositors, matte painters, layout, lighting, texturing and CG artists. The Burbank-based company produced a mix of visual effects for the trailer, including computer-generated set extensions, replete with holograms.”


“Legion’s team worked closely with the writer/creator on the concept, approach and style of the VFX that augment Lord Drakkon’s real-world environment. The effects draw upon the footage from the early seasons of the TV show, maintaining continuity and building upon the iconic Power Rangers legacy that Higgins is creating.”

CG MeetUp

“VFX Legion took the live-action promo to another level. The feedback on it has been overwhelming and built anticipation beyond anything we expected.”


“VFX Legion creates sci-fi inspired effects for ‘Power Rangers: Shattered Grid’ trailer.”



“Kent Johnson, one of Legion’s on-set supervisors, gathered camera data at the shoot while overseeing the production to ensure that the bluescreen elements were correct. VFX coordinator Matt Noren took hundreds of photographs of the set, capturing every detail. A rough 3D model was then created from the photos using a photogrammetry program.”


“Legion’s team bulked up Drakkon’s army of foot soldiers and henchmen, working from a couple of shots of soldiers saluting, flanked by spaceships that set out to attack Power Rangers in the other time dimensions. ”

Shattered Grid will be told in alternate issues of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Go Go Power Rangers, starting with Issue #25 of Mighty Morphin. Watch the live action teaser below –