South Lawn Scandal VFX Breakdown
In the news: Farewell to Scandal

Scandal came to an explosive, gripping conclusion last month, which capped off our 3-year run as the sole visual effect company for ABC’s award-winning political thriller. The series is shot in LA, while its story unfolds in D.C. where deception and intrigue ensue as its central character, Olivia Pope, (Kerry Washington) the staff of her crisis management firm, and the White House’s inner circle ravenously vie for power.

While this episodic drama didn’t call for futuristic CG worlds, Legion were called upon to create composited sequences, set extensions, full computer-generated environments and exacting digital replications of iconic buildings in D.C. that would have been too expensive, impractical, or impossible to shoot.

This show put us through our paces from the very first episode, where we had to turn around 50+ shots in a week, and we built a solid working relationship with the show’s team, paving the way for increasingly challenging effects as the season’s progressed.

Scandal VFX Breakdown Supreme Court Before After

Film Contact

“The Burbank studio has been the driving force behind the hundreds of computer-generated effects that the show’s viewers didn’t see each week. The team took great pride that their photorealistic world went unnoticed by fans.”


“Scandal’s series finale marks the culmination of three year’s work on a breakthrough television show,” says Hattin. “The team at VFX Legion is proud of its contribution to the series and thrilled to have had the opportunity work with Shondaland Productions and ABC Studios on the final three seasons of the show.”

VFX Express

“VFX Legion pulled out all the stops to deliver a large quantity of complex, high-quality VFX, and make last minute changes, whilst still meeting a tight deadline and getting the most value out of the budget.”

Senate Chambers Before/After VFX Breakdown


“VFX Legion made time to explore ways to optimize production value and the show’s visual effects budget. Revisiting original CG shots and developed new, highly detailed White House assets to support updated environments, with new and interesting perspectives.”


“VFX Legion multi-disciplined collective of 70+ artists were able to help the workforce handle the volume of visual effects that the show required, and spread out the shots to allow the talent to focus on creating quality work.”

Creative Cow

“VFX Legion worked closely with the client to get a full understanding of their vision. Everything was thought of from streamlining workflow to  crafting a plan that worked with the show’s budgets, schedules, and resources.”

Viewers can catch all seasons of Scandal, a streaming favorite on Netflix. Watch Scandal’s VFX breakdown reel below –