Nate Smalley

Nate Smalley is head of production at VFX Legion. He efficiently leads Legion’s management team and 200+ VFX artists, overseeing the production process for multiple television shows and feature films.

Nate is responsible for shepherding incoming projects and working with clients to create and refine budgets, ensuring that Legion provides the most cost-efficient approach and delivers the highest quality VFX that optimize every dollar.

Nate’s in-depth understanding of the complexities of television and film production ensures that Legion’s end-to-end visual effects process keeps pace with the client's production schedules – and surpasses their expectations. He works closely with Legion's management team, support staff, and artists while maintaining ongoing communication with the client’s production and postproduction staff, to achieve this goal.

Nate began his career in visual effects in 2006 at Entity FX, and became Data I/O Manager in 2008. After over two years on the tech side spent evolving and managing digital pipelines for episodic television and feature films, he spent a further two years honing his production skills as the studio’s VFX coordinator. He exited Entity in 2011, joining the staff at Zoic Studios as VFX coordinator, and later segueing to VFX producer.

His credits include work on a variety of TV shows and films, including: True Blood (HBO), Arrow (CW), 666 Park Avenue (ABC), Once Upon a Time (ABC), The Vampire Diaries (CW), Smallville (CW), Entourage (HBO), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox), Breaking Bad (AMC), Fright Night (DreamWorks), I Am Number Four (DreamWorks), The Final Destination (Warner Brothers Pictures), and The X-Files: I Want to Believe (20th Century Fox).

In 2014, Nate joined VFX Legion. Under the company's banner, he has headed up production for a range of notable projects, including the television shows Scandal (ABC), How to Get Away with Murder (ABC), Madame Secretary (CBS), and Legends of Tomorrow (CW).