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VFX Legion is a full-service visual effects studio relied on by a growing number of episodic television shows and feature films to deliver large quantities of complex, high-quality photo-realistic visual effects on tight deadlines while getting the most value out of every budget.

Launched in 2013 with a next-generation pipeline at its core, our flagship facility in Burbank, and satellite studio in British Columbia are powerful creative hubs that transcend boundaries.

Our Los Angeles studio’s veteran management team supervises every phase of the visual effects process. Collaborating one-to-one as a single unit, we oversee our worldwide collective of 100+ extraordinary artists as a seamless extension of Legion’s Burbank and B.C. studios’ in-house crews. Rooted in the epicenter of the film and TV industries, our shared LA aesthetic sensibility and standard of quality comes through in every project.

A scalable resource for top-tier visual effects, VFX Legion meets any or all of our clients’ needs: For some producers, we’re the go-to company they entrust with that single big shot and their most challenging visual effects, while other projects rely on our team to craft a mix of high-quality photo-realistic effects – quickly and cost-efficiently. TV shows and films also call on us to handle all of their visual effects needs, or the lion’s share of photo-realistic shots and scenes, taking advantage of our full-service capabilities.

Our team steps in at any phase of job and quickly get up to speed – bringing our creative ingenuity, technical savvy, and innovative problem-solving skills to every job. When brought onboard during pre-production – before the VFX are pretty much set in stone – we develop strategies and options that take full advantage of the scope of our experience. From concept and on-set supervision through post-production and completion – our attention to detail ensures that shots seamless align with practical footage and enhance every visual story.

In an era driven by digital connectivity – and an industry driven by artists – VFX Legion looked beyond the industry standard, creating a next-generation pipeline that renders an artist’s physical location irrelevant. That limitless connectivity has been a game-changer. It enables our company to meet the demand for competitive visual effects services – while ensuring that accessing our B.C. studio’s deep tax incentives doesn’t come at the cost of a shortage of experienced artists.


Back in 2013, when we began developing our business model, the only sustainable option for an LA visual effects company was to establish a studio in a tax haven – and rely on talent within commuting distance to brick and mortar facilities to build teams.

Launching a new company, not vested in the traditional VFX business model, presented us with the opportunity to start from scratch. We built our pipeline from the ground up with state-of-the-art capabilities tailored to the needs of today’s feature films and episodic television shows – positioning us at the forefront of a new breed of visual effects companies.

Consistently turning around large numbers of high-quality visual effects that augment practical footage and elevate visual stories keeps television shows returning to work with us season after season. The final season of ‘Scandal’ marked the fifth year the show entrusted our team with handling all of its visual effects. Among our current projects, ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ and ‘Madam Secretary’ are both back at VFX Legion for the fifth season running, and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ has been working with our studio since the series premiered four years ago.

The TV series ‘El Chapo’ is among the projects that tapped our management team’s decades of experience working on projects for the Latin American market. Created to provide networks, streaming services, and film studios with scalable, agile global visual effects services, VFX Legion continues to meet the needs of an eclectic mix of international projects based throughout the world – from the US and Canada to China, Mexico, and Latin America.

VFX Legion provides the film and television industry with a unique new resource: A visual effects studio managed by an experienced LA team, coupled with B.C.’s deep tax incentives, and a state-of-the-art pipeline with the capability to work on a geographically diverse mix of projects – and integrate some of the best talent the industry into its fold.

Photorealistic Environments • Set Extensions • Compositing • Matte Painting • Look Development • Lighting • Dynamics • Clean-Ups

The forerunner of a next-generation remote business model, for nearly a decade VFX Legion’s has worked exclusively with its global collective of work-from-home artists creating visual effects for dozens of films and hundreds of television episodes. Since our launched in 2013, every series that discovered VFX has return to work with us season after season, through series-finales.

Take a look at some of the projects that have relied on Legion (to consistently deliver large shot counts of high-quality effects that consistently meet tight deadlines and get the most production value out of every budget.).