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VFX Legion

VFX Legion is a full-service company created to provide feature films and episodic series with visual effects that bring the full potential of remote technology in the Digital Age to productions.

Our story began in 2013 with a group of like-minded veteran creatives with a shared vision of a better, smarter, more efficient visual effects company. While a significant change in the visual effects industry tends to be driven by a seismic shift that makes it a necessity, Legion was the exception. Looking beyond the immediate needs of productions, we seized the opportunity to develop a forward-thinking next-generation remote business model with capabilities beyond the reach of the industry’s traditional infrastructure.

A decade before the ability to work from home became essential, we launched Legion, the first visual effects studio with a fully integrated collaborative remote pipeline at its core. Conceived in the digital realm, rather than adapting to it – a new remote company culture was born.

Our Work