Why Work at VFX Legion

Artists are VFX Legion’s most invaluable asset. As the pioneers of a full-remote business almost a decade before the ability to work from home became essential, providing talent with a collaborative virtual environment that inspires creativity was a top priority.

Honed over the years, listening to artists’ feedback on how we can improve their work experience, helps us continue to provide WFH talent with a stand-out creative experience that is key to attracting and retaining great talent.

The expansion of VFX Legion’s team is on-going. We’re always looking for compositors, tracking artists, matte painters, CG artists, coordinators, lighting TDs, support staff, VFX supervisors, managers, and other talent.

We welcome applications from artists with diverse skills, to fill current and future openings that fit with their schedules.

Artist Application


This is your first name or what you'd like to be called.
This is your family name, tribe name, or your tradecraft if made things in the 14th century.
Please provide your details for your country of residence while you will be working for VFX Legion.
How can we reach you? Put the country code in. We're mostly Americans and have troubles dialing internationally. Heck, we have a hard time calling Hollywood.
What's your email address... really? This one doesn't need a tooltip.


This could be a link to a Vimeo or YouTube video of your reel. If ascii art is your thing, you could maybe do an ascii art version of your reel.
Do you have a website with your reel and gallery of work? This is where you would want to paste that information.
Some people have more than one reel or more than one specialty. Here's where you can put all those links.
Drop your files here or click here to upload
Please provide your CV.
Good place to put your favorite food, places you would like to travel on your bucket list, or favorite movies.
Please be honest, this is for posterity.


This means "Yes Legion, I can do 4K work on my system in my office or home." If you have doubts about it, don't check the box.
Straight-forward question, if you are using Nuke, do you have a license? What about AE/Photoshop? This isn't a deal-breaker and pirated versions are frowned upon, as are student versions.
Most of our artists do their own comp renders at home and upload the results. Many 3D artists do that as well because of Redshift, this doesn't mean we can't use facility resources to render jobs, it might often be faster for the artist to render their own versions.
We have a very specific file structure that we mandate that every artist uses from the 'projects/' directory down. The advantage of this is that when we trade off scripts or try to remote render, everything lines up. NOT checking this box may limit your options in working for the company, but we feel this is an important requisite for the work.
This can be determined by a speedtest at https://www.speedtest.net
This can be determined by a speedtest at https://www.speedtest.net
Check all that apply, but keep it to your PRIMARY skills.
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