In the news: Bringing explosive VFX to Superfly


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In the news: Bringing explosive VFX to Superfly

Superfly, the remake of the 1972 blaxploitation Super Fly, follows Atlanta drug dealer Youngblood Priest as he seeks an exit from “the game”. In order to do so, he must complete one last job while navigating dangerous waters filled with rival gangs, corrupt police, and a Mexican drug cartel.

We joined the project in the eleventh hour to amp up the action. Our artists leveraged their invisible VFX specialty to deliver 90 complex shots designed to increase the impact of Superfly’s violence, while also further immersing viewers in the world of fur coats, platform shoes, and slicked-back hair.

We worked on two main shootouts and a shootout including Molotov cocktails, making the scenes more chaotic, adding a level of violence of the conflagration and increasing the sense of danger that surrounded the characters. Our global pipeline and talent made sure that Superfly lived up to its inspiration.

Take a look at some of the coverage below:

Post – “The visual effects that VFX Legion created were all about amplifying the impact of the violence captured with practical footage and intensifying the spectacle of the film to achieve the look that the director and producer envisioned.”

CGW – “The mix of assets and visual effects that Legion produced really magnify the intensity of the carnage during the two main shootouts and they brought home the ferocity and violence at the core of the film.”

Creative Content Wire – “Legion’s experience, their technical ingenuity really helped them turn such a large workload of shots around well ahead of time, leaving them to take on some additional work on set .”

Animation Express – “Legion created numerous simulations of debris from the walls that blended with the look and texture of the practical footage. Bringing a heightened impact of the violence in a number of scenes.”

Renderosity – “VFX Legion layered multiple stock photography of fire elements and 3D tracking of the camera enabling their Nuke artists to produce shots with a photorealistic look and seamlessly sync them with the footage .”

Broadcast Beat – “VFX Legion augmented squibs from bullet hits with computer-generated blood that streams out of wounds, puddles on the floor and splatters in realistic patterns.”

Watch our VFX breakdown of Superfly below –