Animation World Network: VFX Legion Expanding Pre-production Services as Demand Grows in Wake of COVID-19

VFX Legion, the end-to-end production company that pioneered remote production when it launched in 2013 as a studio working exclusively with home-based artists, is building-out its pre-production services; the move comes in response to increased demand for cost-effective high-quality remote visual effects services as feature films and episodic series move forward in the wake of COVID-19.

According to James David Hattin, the LA/BC-based company’s creative director and founder, “During pre-production, collaborating with writers and producers gives our team an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges and issues that projects face. Coming on board early in the process enables us to develop cost-effective digital solutions that increase production value and support storylines that engage audiences and optimize their visual experience.”

Hattin dedicated more than a year to building a pipeline with cost-effective, streamlined workflow and the collaborative virtual work environment that his next-generation remote business model provides. The studio has helped introduce a new visual effects production culture that harnesses digital connectivity’s full potential to align its services with the needs of an industry in a digital era.

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