VFX Legion kicks it into high gear


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VFX Legion kicks it into high gear

VFX Legion‘s diverse collective of talent has been turning around high-quality visual effects for multiple episodic TV shows simultaneously for years – meeting challenging deadlines with ease. As an artist-driven company, vetting talent and adding skilled lead artists to our team is an ongoing process that is core to our business model.

The recent addition of a number of senior artists has further expanded the scope of our studio’s capabilities. This enables VFX Legion to provide producers with a one-stop resource to meet the full range of visual effects needs for even a large number of shows without compromising the high standards the industry demands, as well as an end-to-end approach that gets the most out of every budget.

The Management Team

James David Hattin – Founder & Creative Director

James oversees every aspect of the visual effects process. The head of Legion’s in-house operation, James works with the senior management team to supervise each artist in the studio’s talent collective and manage them as a single transparent unit. James is the architect of the cutting-edge pipeline that sits at the core of Legion, which provides unprecedented reach, connectivity, and flexibility across projects.

Matthew T. Lynn – Senior Visual Effects Supervisor

Having worked with Legion for the last four years, Matthew will bring focus and creative drive to multiple episodic television shows. He will also be on set to supervise the Los Angeles-based shows. Working closely with James Hattin, the founder and Creative Director of the studio, he will share the responsibility for setting the looks and making sure the quality exceeds the needs for every show we work on.

Nate Smalley – Head of Production

Nate efficiently leads Legion’s management team and 70+ VFX artists, overseeing the production process from beginning to end. Nate is responsible for shepherding incoming projects and working with clients to create and refine budgets, ensuring that Legion provides the most cost-efficient approach and delivers the highest quality VFX that optimize every dollar.

Recent additions to our collective of lead artists

Eric Ebling – Lead Dynamics Artist

Eric was recently signed to head up the Simulation and Dynamics department at VFX Legion. Formerly of Digital Domain, Method, Zoic, and Hydraulx, Eric was nominated for a VES award for his work on a Nike commercial as well as a silver Clio Award in 2013. With nearly 20 years of experience working in commercials and feature films, he is well trained for the fast pace of episodic television. We first brought Eric on board as a freelancer to lend his talents to the FX for CW’s Legends of Tomorrow.  Eric’s, ingenuity, depth of experience and management skill ensure that Legion’s work stays creative, fresh and results driven.

Marc Adamson – Lead Matte Painter

VFX Legion has also added Marc Adamson to its team as a Lead Matte Painter. An alumni of Framestore, Method and Prime Focus, his skills and eye for composition make him a valuable member of our team. Marc previously worked with us on the last season of CBS’ political drama, Madam Secretary and our Power Rangers short. This season, he will be our go to Matte Painter. We look forward to his contribution to creating photorealistic new worlds and new locations for a mix of new projects. Marc will also revisit environments, like Washington, D.C. for the new seasons of Madam Secretary and How to Get Away with Murder.

Bryan Shepperd – Lead Lighter

After working with Legion as a freelancer last season, Bryan has officially joined VFX Legion as Lead Lighter for our episodic shows and feature work. With hundreds of episodes of television visual effects under his belt, he brings a unique toolset, and an ability to plug into our Redshift rendering platform to deliver high-end elements under tight deadlines.

VFX Legion has also penned an agreement with ActionVFX to provides our studio with access to the company’s extensive library of digital elements. This new affiliation enables VFX Legion to augment select FX shots with quality stock elements, providing a cost-effect alternative to creating a considerable number of VFX elements from scratch.

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